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HD2010 Precision Sound Level Meter.
HD2010 Sound Level Meter is an integrating portable sound level meter performing either spectral or statistical analysis. The 80 dB wide dynamic range, optionally upgradeable to 110 dB, and the simultaneous measurement with different time and frequency weightings, allow speeding up and simplifying surveys.
Using an HD2010 you can analyze a sound sample programming 3 measuring parameters with the most complete freedom of choice of temporal or frequency weightings. Together with the logging of the 3 parameters, the spectral analysis is carried out in real time, by octave bands and optionally by third octave bands. The HD2010 Sound Level Meter calculates the spectrum of the sound signal twice a second and integrates it linearly up to 99 hours. Spectra are displayed together with an A, C or Z wideband level.

Precision Sound Level Meter

Model  Description 
HD2010  HD2010 Precision Sound Level Meter.

The HD 2010, with the optional application for the reverberation time measurement,
calculates 32 spectra a second allowing to measure reverberation times using either the interruption of the sound source or the impulsive source techniques.
The analysis is run simultaneously either wideband or with octave and third octave bandwidths.
The sound decay analysis, with any frequency weighting, can be directly carried out with the sound level meter. All these data can be automatically recorded in the wide non-volatile memory combined with a numeric marker, containing the recording number, date and time.

The ″Data Logger″ option allows to log either the 3 programmed parameters twice per second or the A-weighted sound level with FAST time constant 8 times per second.
Recordings can be searched in memory and viewed on the graphic display using the ″Replay″ function, which reproduces the time trend of the sound trace.

Sound Level Meter Technical specifications of base version.
Integrating type 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672, IEC 60651 and IEC 60804.
MK221, 1⁄2 condenser polarized (200V) for free-fi eld measurements, high stability, type WS2F class 1 according to IEC 61094-4
UC-52, 1⁄2 condenser pre-polarized for free-field measurements, class 2 according to IEC 61672
Sound level measurements in diffuse-field conditions with random incidence software corrector.
Spectrum analyzer for octave bands type 1 according to IEC 61260.
Statistical analyzer of sound level with A weighting and FAST time constant, getting 8 samples per second in 0.5 dB classes, with calculation of four percentile levels programmable from L1 to L99.
Dynamic range for the measurement of either wideband or constant percent-age bandwidth weightings:
20 - 140dBA on five ranges of 80dB (20 - 100dBA, 30 - 110dBA, 40 - 120dBA, 50 - 130dBA and 60 - 140dBA). Dynamic range is 30 - 140dBA with microphone UC-52.
3 RMS measurement channels (A, C and Z) and 2 simultaneous channels for peak level measurement (C and Z).
Simultaneous time weightings: FAST, SLOW and IMPULSE.
Max and Min pressure levels.
DOSE calculation with programmable parameters.
Programmable integration time from 1 s up to 99 hours with Back-Erase function.
Parallel real time octave filters from 16 Hz up to 16 kHz.
Average spectra from 1s up to 99 hours.
Wide graphic display with 128x64 pixels.
Octave spectra, displayed in graphic format.
 Display in numerical format of 3 parameters selected as preferred.

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