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HD2017T Active humidity transmitter and HYGROSTAT.
Measuring range: 5...98%R.H., working temperature range of sensor -40...150°C.
Temperature drift correction of R.H. sensor; outputs 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, 0...1Vdc or 0...10Vdc can be selected.
LCD value display. Act as HUMIDIFICATION and DEHUMIDIFICATION regulator, free potential contact relay.
Programming and calibration by the keyboard. Power supply 24Vac, on request 230Vac.
The HD 2017T... is an active temperature, relative humidity transmitter and microprocessor controlled  relative humidity hygrostat with display of the value detected by the sensor and display of the parameters during programming. The transmitter converts the humidity value into a linear current or voltage signal.
The outputs available are in current 0...20mA or 4...20mA and in voltage 0...1V or 0...10V.

Active humidity transmitter

Model  Description 
HD 2017T  Active humidity transmitter and HYGROSTAT

The humidity input can be recalibrated using two saturated solution: the first with 75%R.H., the second with 33%R.H. The relative humidity range 0%R.H...100%R.H. is fixed: depending on the solution used, the value 0%R.H. corresponds to 0mA, 4mA or 0V, while 100%R.H. corresponds to 20mA, 1V or 10V.
Temperature compensation of the humidity measurement is obtained with a sensor in the probe.
The symbol on the display flashes if the probe temperature is lower than -50°C, higher than +150°C or if the
temperature sensor is broken. Likewise, the display gives an 'ERR' (error) indication if the humidity sensor is not inserted, not calibrated or faulty.

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