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HD 2110 Sound Noise Level Meter is an integrating sound level meter used for spectral and statistical analysis. The 110 dB wide dynamics range and the simultaneous measurement with different time and frequency weightings, provide great performances in sound-measuring, even in the most difficult situations.
HD 2110 Sound Noise Level Meter is capable of displaying, printing or storing automatically the temporal profile of sound-level, performing as a sound level data logger, and storing for more than 17 hours at a speed of 8 samples per second. A Digital Audio interface allows to store the sound sample on a tape or on a magnetic support, for further analysis. Full attention has been given to the possibility of implementing and updating any future instrument performance. The firmware can be upgraded directly through serial port of the instrument using DeltaLog5 software, supplied with the instrument.
HD2110 Sound Noise Level Meter complies with IEC 61672-1: 2002 standards.

Sound Noise Level Meter

Model  Description 
HD2110  HD 2110 Sound Noise Level Meter

Noise measurements at work place
Environmental noise assessment
Identification of impulse noise and/or with tonal components
Evaluation of noise emissions of equipments and plants
Appraisal of sound reduction effect
Sound-measuring even through a PC-based remote control
Digital recording

Integrating type 1 sound level meter for octave band and one-third octave band frequency analysis, as well as statistical analysis.
Dynamic range measurement for wide band and constant percentile band channels :
20 - 140dBA on two ranges of 110dB (20 - 130dBA and 30 - 140dBA).
3 RMS measurement channels (A, C and Lin) and 2 simultaneous channels for peak value measurement (C and LIN).
4 different percentage levels, to be chosen between L 1 and L
Parallel real time octave and one-third of octave filters bank (16Hz -20kHz).
Simultaneous time weightings, FAST, SLOW and IMPULSE.
Max. and Min. sound pressure levels.
DOSE calculation with programmable parameters.
Average spectra and multispectrum analysis even MAX or MIN with sampling time from 0.5s up to 1 hour.
200V polarized condenser 1/2" microphone for free-field measurements, according to IEC 61094-4: 1995.
128x64 Pixel Graphic Display of big dimensions.
Display of a chosen parameter, with sampling time from one-eighth of a second up to one hour;
temporal profile display of octave spectra and one-third octave spectra, as well as SLM (sound level meter) display with 5 different parameters.
Data logging with 2MB "non volatile" memory (corresponding to more than 500000 samples,
equal to 17 logging hours at the sampling speed of with 8 sample per second).
Expanded memory up to 4MB, upon request.
Calibrations: acoustic calibration with sound level calibrator or electrical calibration with internal generator.
Software interface for PC running Windows for downloading of stored data and remote control.
Direct printing of the acquired parameters by a single key stroke.
Continuous printing (monitor).
Automatic switch off and diagnostic program.
Tripod holder.
Digital audio input/output (IEC 60958:1999 type II) with RCA (S/PDIF) connector.
Unweighted LINE output (jack Φ 3.5mm).
RS232C standard serial port, according to EIA/TIA574. Baud Rate: 300 to 57600 baud.
External DC power supply (jack Φ 5.5mm).
- IEC 60651:2001, Type 1
- IEC 60804:2000, Type 1
- IEC 61672-1:2002 Type 1
- Group X IEC 61260:1995 for octave band and one-third octave band, Type 0.
- ANSI S1.4-1983, Type 1 - ANSI S1.43-1997, Type 1

- ANSI S1.11-1986 for octave band and one-third octave band, Ord.3, Type 1-D. Extended range.
SStorage temperature: -25 - 70°C.
Operating temperature: -10 - 50°C.
Operating relative humidity: 25 - 90%RH, noncondensing.
Operating static pressure: 65 - 108kPa.
Protection grade: IP64.
Four 1.5V AA alkaline batteries. Battery life: ~10 hours of continuous use.
Mains power supply with DC voltage 7.5 to 12 Vdc/300mA.
Weight and dimensions: 445x100x50mm including the probe, 740g (batteries included).
Supplied accessories:
HD9101 calibrator, class 1 according to IEC60942:1997. 200V
polarized microphone for free-field measurements MK221.
Interface software DeltaLog5 for PC running Windows.
RS-232 Null-modem serial cable (HD206/54).
5m extension cable for microphone (different measures are available upon request).
Optional accessories:
200V polarized microphone for diffuse field measurements MK231.
DC power supply for 230Vac mains voltage

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