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HD2328.0 Thermocouple thermometer for probes type K, J, T, E measuring range -200°C - +1370°C.
Two inputs, large display. Storage of maximum, minimum, average value.
Functions: REL, HOLD and auto power off which can be disabled, IP 67 protection.

Thermocouple Thermometer.

Model  Description 
HD 2328.0  Thermometer, Thermocouple probes type K, J, T, E

The HD2328.0 with two inputs is a portable instrument with a large LCD display.
It measures the temperature using immersion, penetration air or contact probes.
The sensor may be a thermocouple of type K, J, T or E.
The Max, Min and Avg function calculate the maximum, minimum or average values.
Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the HOLD function,
and the automatic turning off that can also be disabled.
The instruments have IP67 protection degree.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 140x88x38mm Weight 160g (complete with batteries)
Materials ABS
Display 2x41⁄2 digits plus symbols
Visible area: 52x42mm
Operating conditions
Operating temperature -5°C - +50°C Warehouse temperature -25°C - +65°C
Working relative humidity 0 - 90%RH without condensation
Protection degree IP67
Power Batteries 3 1.5V type AA batteries Autonomy 200 hours with 1800mAh alkaline batteries
Power absorbed with instrument off 20μA
Measuring unit °C - °F
Connections Input for probes 2-pole female polarized standard miniature connector
Measurement of temperature by Instrument
TC measurement range: K -200°C - +1370°C
TC measurement range: J -100°C - +750°C
TC measurement range: T -200°C -+400°C
TC measurement range: E -200°C - +750°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Instrument accuracy
Thermocouple K ±0.1°C up to 600°C ±0.2°C over 600°C
Thermocouple J ±0.1°C up to 400°C ±0.2°C over 400°C
Thermocouple T ±0.1°C
Thermocouple E ±0.1°C up to 300°C ±0.2°C over 300°C
The accuracy only refers to the instrument.
Error due to the thermocouple or to the cold junction reference sensor is not included.
Temperature drift @ 20°C 0.02%/°C Drift after 1 year 0.1°C/year

HD2328.0: The kit is composed of the instrument HD2328.0 with two inputs, 3 1.5V alkaline batteries,
operating manual, case.


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