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HD25.2 Digital Turbidity Meter. Measurement: FNU, NTU, EBC, ASBC.
The HD25.2 is a digital turbidity meter for laboratory and mobile use, suitable for measurements in drinking water, beverages, waste water and process liquids.
The working principle is based on the nephelometric (90s scattered light sensor) and ratiometric method.
It is equipped with three light detectors and two LED light sources (white and infrared) which are permanently kept under control in order to guarantee long-term stability.
The instrument performs measurements according to the standards EPA 180.1, ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027), EBC and ASBC.
It is also able to carry out measures of transmission factor percentage of white and infrared light.

HD25.2 Turbidity Meter

Model  Description 
HD 25.2  HD25.2 Digital Turbidity Meter Data logger.

The HD25.2 is a datalogger that stores up to 999 samples.
The data can be transferred from the instrument connected to a PC via the multi-standard RS232C serial
port and USB 2.0. The RS232C serial port can be used to transfer the acquired measurements to a 24 column printer.
The Print function allows to print labels with progressive numeration and automatic incrementation, with all data related to the sample being examined.

HD25.2 meter datalogger specifications
Measuring methods
Standard EPA180.1, ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027), EBC,
Light source LED IR (850nm) and white LED (470nm)
Receiver Silicium photodiode
Sample cell Φ24mm - height 68mm, 20cc
Measurement of turbidity
Method / Measuring range EPA180.1 (0 - 2100 NTU)
ISO-NEPH (0 - 150 FNU)
EBC (0 - 37.5 EBC)
ASBC (0 - 9999 ASBC)
WHITE %T (0 - 100 %T)
IR %T (0 - 100 %T)
Resolution 0.01 NTU (0 - 9.99 NTU)
0.1 NTU (10.0 - 99.9 NTU)
1 NTU (100 - 2000 NTU)
Accuracy ±2% reading + 0.01 NTU (0 - 500 NTU)
±3% reading (500 - 1000 NTU)
±5% reading (1000 - 2000 NTU)
Repeatability ±2% reading or 0.01 NTU (the major one)
Security of memorized data
Measured values storing
Quantity 999 samples
Serial interface RS232C
Type RS232C electrically isolated
Baud rate Can be set from 1200 to 38400 baud

Ordering codes
HD25.2K: Portable and bench turbidity meter equipped with 3 photodetectors and two light sources;
it measures according to the standard EPA 180.1, ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027), EBC and ASBC.
Automatic calibration, datalogger, data downloading to PC by RS232C or USB 2.0 through the software
DeltaLog11. The kit is composed of instrument, 4 empty cells, 5 calibration standards STCAL, rag for cells
cleaning, 25cc silicone oil, 3 alkaline batteries 1,5 Vdc, instructions manual, carrying case and software
DeltaLog11. The cables for data download to a PC and power supplier have to be ordered separately.
9CPRS232: Connection cable SubD female 9- pole for serial output RS232C
CP22: Connection cable USB 2.0 connector type A - type B
SWD10: Stabilized power supply at 230Vac/9Vdc-300mA mains voltage.
Sprint-BT: Portable, serial input, 24 column thermal printer, 58mm paper width.
PL: Lubricant rag
OS1: Silicon oil - 25cc.
KCV: 4 empty sample cells Φ24x68mm

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