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HD3405.2 Laboratory Meter measures pH, Redox potential (ORP) in mV.
The HD3405.2 measures pH, Redox potential (ORP) in mV. It measures temperature with Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes.
The pH electrode calibration can be carried out on one, two or three points and the calibration sequence can be chosen from a list of 13 buffers. Other common function of this instrument series include: Max, Min and Avg function, the Auto-HOLD function, the automatic turning off which can also be disabled.

HD3405.2 pH meter

Model  Description 
HD 3405.2  Bench-top pH redox potential meter-Thermometer.
HD2205.2 pH meter specifications
Measurement of pH by instrument
Measuring range -2.000 - +19.999pH
Resolution 0.01 o 0.001pH selectable from menu
Accuracy ±0.001pH ±1digit
Input impedance >10Exp12Ω
Calibration error @25°C |Offset| > 20mV
Slope > 50mV/pH o Slope < 63mV/pH
Sensitivity > 85% or Sensitivity < 106.5%
Automatic/manual temp compensation -50 - +150°C
Automatically detected pH standard
solutions (@25°C)
1.679pH - 2.000pH - 4.000pH - 4.008pH - 4.010pH
6.860pH - 6.865pH - 7.000pH - 7.413pH - 7.648pH
9.180pH - 9.210pH - 10.010pH
Measurement of mV by instrument
Measuring range -1999.9 - +1999.9mV
Resolution 0.1mV
Accuracy ±0.1mV ±1digit
Drift after 1 year 0.5mV/year
Measurement of temperature by instrument
Pt100 Measuring range -50 - +150°C
Pt1000 Measuring range -50 - +150°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C ±1digit
Drift after 1 year 0.1°C/year

Ordering codes
HD 3405.2 Bench-top pH meter-Thermometer measures pH, mV, ORP values by pH, Redox,
or separated reference electrodes, temperature by Pt100 or Pt1000 probes.
Datalogger which stores maximum, minimum, average value, RS232 C output for data transfer in real time to a PC or printer. Functions: REL, HOLD and auto power off which can be disabled.
Battery power supply or mains power supply by SWD10 (optional). Complete with 3 batteries, instructions
manual, software Deltalog 9 suitable from version 2. Electrodes, calibrating solutions, TP47 series
temperature probes with SICRAM module, cables for PC connection and outer power supplier have to be
ordered separately.

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