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HD 4037 Two set point (two channels) digital LED regulator 96x48. Pt100 sensor.
Range -50° C…+800° C. Resolution 0,1° C from -50° C+200° C, 1° C from 200° C…+800° C.
Independent hysteresis 1...20° C (0,5...6° C on request). Relay 5A/220V resistive.
Power supply 24Vac, on request 110…230Vac. Without probe.

Relative humidity transmitter

Model  Description 
HD 4037  Two set point (two channels) digital LED regulator

The HD 4037 temperature panel controller thermostat is an ON/OFF regulator with two thresholds
which can be individually adjusted and a relay output (2x1 exchange contact 5 A/220 VAC.).
Hysteresis may also be adjusted individually from 0.5 to 20° C.
The measuring range is from -50° C to +850° C with resolution 0. 1 ° C up to about 195° C and
1 ° C over 195° C. Change of scale is automatic.

The supply voltage is 24 VAC/5 VA.
The first relay is energized when the probe temperature is lower than the first set threshold (SET).
The second relay is programmable in that it can be energized with the probe temperature lower than the second threshold (a typical application is 2-stage heating), or with the probe temperature higher than the second threshold (heat regulation - OFF - cold).
Programming may be carried out by shifting a jumper.
The temperature sensor is a Pt100. If this sensor is connected to the instrument with 2 wires with a section of 1 mm', a reading in excess of 0.06° C/m is obtained.
To minimize the influence of the cable resistance we advise using a three-wire connection.

Using range: -50° C...+85O° C
Resolution: 0. 1 ° C up to 195° C, 1 ° C beyond 195° C
Display: LED 3 1/2 figures, 10 mm
Precision: 0.2° C ± 0.1 % of reading up to 195° C; 1 ° C ± 0.4% of reading beyond 195° C
Connection: with 2 or 3 wires, Pt100 sensor
Power supply: 24 VAC., 5 VA
Output: 2 exchange contacts 5 A/220 VAC. resistive (2 independent relays)
Hysteresis: 0.5 ... 6° C, adjustment with 1 -turn trimmer
Working temperature: -5...+45° C
Front panel dimensions: 48 x 96 mm

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