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HD 404 78X48 Panel Thermostat Regulator for connection to temperature and relative humidity
transmitters with input 4÷20 mA

Temperature regulator

Model  Description 
HD404  HD404 78X48 Panel Thermostat Regulator

Resolution: 0.1° C, 0.1% R.H.
Display: red LEDS, height 12.7 mm.
Precision: instrument only ± 0.1.
Power supply: 12÷24 V~–.
Relay contacts for the regulators:
Clean exchange contact 3A/220 Vac resistive
Electronics working temperature: -5...50° C

HD 404 ON/OFF temperature regulator.
This regulator may be connected to the transmitters of the series:
HD 2008T, HD 2012T... as long as the temperature configuration of the transmitter is the same as
the regulator.
Regulating range: 4 mA =ˆ -20° C, 20 mA =ˆ +80° C
Hysteresis: 0.6÷6° C. Bridge for selecting the functions

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