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HD 588 Analog interface module with 3-way galvanic separation 3000V.
Input and output may be selected 0...10Vdc, 0...20mA, 4...20mA.
Power supply 12...24Vdc/ac. DIN 2 modules container for rail attachment 35 mm.

Signal converter

Model  Description 
HD 588   Modular Signal Converter

Built inside a 2-module DIN box for 35 mm asymmetric guide, the converter offers, as well as a conversion
of analogue signals between input and output, a complete galvanic separation among input,
output and power supply.

The 3-way circuital configuration ensures a definite decoupling of the sensor circuit from the external control
circuit, preventing reciprocal influences in the presence of various measuring circuits.
The HD 588 converter module is made up of the following sections:
Universal input stage with signal conversion from voltage into frequency.
Universal output stage with signal conversion from frequency into voltage.
Power supply stage.
Configuration can be modified through jumper connections, an important feature being the possibility of modifying the type of input and output without having to calibrate the converter again.
By simple operations the HD 588 converter allows up to 9 different combinations between input and output.

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