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HD 788TR1, HD 988TR1 and HD 988TR2 are 4-20 mA Temperature transmitters with a microprocessor,
configurable for Pt100 Platinum temperature sensors.
Temperature transmitters convert the temperature variations found with any standard
Pt100 sensor (100W 0 C) into a linear current signal with two leads in the field 4 20 mA.
Linearization with a digital technique allows excellent precision and stability to be obtained.

Pt100 sensor transmitter

Model  Description 
HD 788TR1   Temperature transmitter with 4 - 20mA output. -200°C +650°C,
HD 988TR1   DIN rail attachment temperature transmitter with output 4 - 20mA
HD 988TR2  DIN rail attachment + LCD transmitter with output 4 - 20mA

Only two wires are used to transmit both the power supply and the signal: low wiring cost.
Voltage drops on the connection line do not cause errors because the signal transmitted is current and not voltage: high measurement precision even with small wire sections.
High immunity to disturbances in both common and differential mode: the signal may be transmitted even at long distances without errors (up to 300 m).
Compatibility with the 4 - 20 mA regulators commonly used in controlling industrial processes.
The device is particularly suitable for industrial applications. In some applications it may be convenient to screen the cables or lay them in a protective tube separate from the power electronics.

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