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HD 797 TV1 Relative humidity transmitter.
Measuring range 10...95%R.H., 4mA correspond to 0%.R.H., 20mA correspond to 100%R.H. R.H. sensor working temperature 0...60°C. Power supply 9 - 35Vdc.
Capacitive humidity transmitter, sensor. Output 4 to 20 mA (two-wire connection)
Power supply 9 Vdc ... 35 Vdc Interchangeable transmitters (that is sensor and electronics)
Model HD 797TV1 is an en bloc relative humidity transmitter.
The sensor is fitted at the end of a plastic tube and is protected against dust by a filter.

Relative humidity transmitter

Model  Description 
HD 797 TV1  Relative humidity transmitter.

The humidity sensor is a condenser the dielectric of which is a hygroscopic polymer.
As the dielectric constant for water is around 80, a strong variation of capacity is obtained with the variation of the humidity content of this polymer. The particular advantage of this type of sensor are good linearity,
insensitivity to temperature variations, brief response time and long life.
When using check the compatibility of the sensor with the atmosphere in which it is inserted.

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