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The HD 8602 pH mV and temperature meter is a combined instrument for measuring pH, mV and °C in the laboratory, in the field and in industrial plants.
The instrument is provided with a BNC connector for pH electrodes, electrodes for measuring redox potential (ORP) or specific ion electrodes (ISE).

pH mV and temperature meter

Model  Description 
HD 8602  pH mV and temperature meter

A socket for 0 4 mm banana plugs is provided for connecting a reference electrode independent of the
measuring electrode. Compared to a cable that cannot be detached from the instrument, the BNC offers the
advantage of being able to use all the electrodes available on the market and especially those types which for cost reasons do not have a connector directly on the electrode.
Furthermore, with the BNC connector it is possible to disconnect the pH measuring cable (ORP, ISE),
so that temperature can be measured alone without the electrode connecting cable getting in the way.
The TP870 temperature measuring probe is optional and is connected to the instrument by means of a
8-pole DIN connector.

Measuring ranges: pH: 0.00 14.00; mV: -1999 +1999; °C: -50.0 +200
Display: LCD 12 mm, with symbols pH, mV, °C, HOLD
Instrument precision: in pH measurement ±0.02 pH plus
electrode error in mV measurement ±0.1 % of the reading +0,15% F in
temperature measurement ±0. 1 5°C (±0,27°F) plus error of the connected probe
Input impedance: >1012W
Bias current: <10-12A
Manual temperature compensation..-50...+200°C
Automatic temperature compensation: limited to the electrode only
Working temperature: -5....+50°C
Storage temperature: -20---+65°C

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