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HD9022 Microprocessor panel indicator and regulator 48x96, with thresholds that may be programmed and configured by the user.
Resolution of the A/D converter: 0,1mV/digit - 2μA/digit. Input 0...20mA, 4...20mA, 0...V, 0...10Vdc,
input 4-wire Pt100. One relay for output 1, one relay for output 2, one maximum and minimum alarm relay. Serial output RS232 C. Power supply 24Vac/dc, on request 110...230Vac/dc.
Applications: Typical applications are the display of signals sent by transmitters which may concern temperature, humidity, pressure, speed, capacity, level, force, etc., for the most varied industrial sectors, operating machines and automated systems.

Panel indicator and regulator

Model  Description 
HD9022  Microprocessor panel indicator and regulator

The microprocessor control LED panel instrument HD 9022 is an indicator with alarm thresholds that may be programmed and configured by the user.
At input it accepts signals arriving from transmitters with 2 or 3 wires, in voltage 0÷ 1 V, 0÷ 1 0V or in current 0÷20 mA, 4÷20 mA, or Pt100 with 4 wires.
Configuration is always completely present in the instrument, no additional cards are required.

The choice for the configuration of the input signals is made by means of the keyboard on the front of the instrument.
The dimensions of the instrument are 96x48 mm with depth 145 mm in conformity with DIN 45700.
The mode of operation of the HD 9022 is chosen depending on the application, configuring the instrument with the keyboard. The instrument may also be reconfigured with absolute simplicity on the field in order to adapt it to changes in processing requirements.
The configuration involves the input, the scale range, the set point and the auxiliary outputs.

Set point configurable from -9999 to +19999.
Indication provided by red LED's with seven 1/2 inch segments.
Separate clamp for voltage input 0÷ 1/ 0÷ 10V, current input 0÷20 or 4÷20 mA and
Pt100 input (-200÷ +800° C).
The instrument has an auxiliary power supply: -5 Vdc max 10 mA and +15 Vdc non stabilized max 22 mA for the possible supply of 2-wire transmitters.
Instrument accuracy: ± 0. 1 % Rdg ± 1 Digit.
A/D converter resolution: 0.05 mV/Digit, 1 uA/Digit.
One relay with independent exchange contact for output HI (SP1, SP2).
One relay with independent exchange contact for output LO (SP3, SP4).
One relay with maximum or minimum alarm closing contact (L max, L min.).
Resistive relay contacts 3A/220V 50Hz.
Instrument working temperature: (electronic component) 5° C÷ 50° C.
Power supply:
There is a terminal board for input 12/24 Vac/Vdc or 110-240Vac/Vdc (the one or the other; not both
kinds of power supply).
Instrument absorption: 5VA. Minimum power of the supply transformer: 20VA.

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