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HD9214 Thermometer, Pt100 probe, range -200°C +600°C, HOLD key, °C/°F. TP 9x series probes may be connected.
HD9215 Thermometer, Pt100 sensor, range -50°C +199°C, HOLD key, °C/°F. TP 9x series probes may be connected.
These Thermometers are very compact portable instruments.
Their high technological features are accompanied by a pleasing design. With their range of interchangeable probes, they are indispensable instruments for measuring temperature in the fields of maintenance, heating/air-conditioning, laboratories, food and agriculture and all other sectors where temperature measurements must be precise, fast and repeatable.
The reading can be in °C or in °F. The calibration is managed by the keyboard.

Pt100 probe Thermometer

Model  Description 
HD 9214  Thermometer, Pt100 probe, range -200°C +600°C
HD 9215  Thermometer, Pt100 sensor, range -50°C +199°C

Calibration with storage of the calibration data in the memory.
LCD display with 3 /half digit, height 8 mm.
The total precision of the instrument plus the chosen measuring probe is given by the sum of the instrument
error plus the error of the chosen probe depending on whether the probe is class A, 1/3 DIN or 1/5 DIN.
The ohmic there and back resistance of the cable of the probe is 0,40ohm.
Instrument working range: -5°C...+50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C...+60°C.
Relative humidity: 0 ... 90% R.H.
Number of conversions: 1 per second.
Power supply: 9V battery, IEC 6LF22, zinc/carbon battery life approx. 200 hours.
Low battery charge warning light. Instrument connector: male 8-pole circular connector DIN 45326.
Case: ABS Bayer NOVODUR, gray 7553CF
Dimensions: instrument 42x1 85x23 mm weight 130 grams

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