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HD9218 Thermometer, K type thermocouple, range -200°C +1372°C, MAX, MIN, °C and °F displays.
This Digital Thermometer is a very compact portable instrument. Its high technological features are accompanied by a pleasing design. With its range of interchangeable probes, it is an indispensable
instrument for measuring temperature in the fields of maintenance, heating/air-conditioning, laboratories,
food and agriculture and all other sectors where temperature measurements must be precise, fast and
repeatable. The instrument stores the MAX and MIN values, the reading can be in °C or °F.
The calibration is managed by the keyboard.

Thermocouple Thermometer

Model  Description 
HD 9218  Thermometer, K type thermocouple, range -200°C +1372°C

Temperature measurement with a thermocouple type K High precision range of probes available for
measurements by immersion, surface contact and penetration.
Low battery charge warning light Battery power supply.
Calibration with storage of the calibration data in the memory Instrument calibration - you can choose between
the manufacturer's calibration - which cannot be changed - and the personal one - which can be changed Calibration of instrument alone Calibration of instrument and respective probe.
K type thermocouple input Measuring range: -200°C...+1372°C -328°C... + 1 999°C
Resolution: < 199.9°C (°F) = 0,1°C (0,1°F) > 200-C (200°F) = 1 °C (1°F)
Precision of instrument alone:
From 0°C to 200°C = ±0,5°C. From +200°C to full scale and From -0, 1 to -200°C = ±2°C
Temperature coefficient from -5°C to 50°C: 0°C/°C from 18°C to 25°C 0,01°C/°C outside this range.
Conversion frequency: 1 second

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