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HD9513T Three wire relative humidity transmitter. Measuring range 5...98%R.H.
The R.H. sensor can work in the temperature range between -30°C and +130°C.
Power supply 10,5...35Vdc or 12...24Vac: voltage output 0...1Vdc.
Power supply 18...35Vdc or 24Vac: voltage output 0...10Vdc.

Three wire relative humidity transmitter

Model  Description 
HD9513TO1  Transmitter with Horizontal fixed probe for channel installation
HD9513TV1  Transmitter with Vertical fixed probe for wall installation
HD2011TC1-1  Transmitter with External probe L=130 mm with a cable L=1.5 meters.
HD2011TC2-1  External probe L=330 mm with a cable L=5 meters.

Relative humidity and temperature transmitters convert the variation that occurs simultaneously inside a
relative humidity capacitive sensor and a resistive Platinum sensor both into a 4 -20mA linearized signal and,
depending on the various models, into 0 - 1V, 0 - 10V, 0 - 20mA or 4 - 20mA signals.
They are distinguished in two-wired current-looped passive transmitters, separately power-supplied active
transmitters (with voltage usually of 24Vac), and finally passive and active transmitters which can work with
either of the two possible kinds of power supply - two wires with current loop, or grid of 24Vac.

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