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HD9809T Dual temperature and relative humidity transmitter.
Working range: -35°C...+60°C, 10...90% RH, 0Vdc correspond to -40°C and 0% RH,
1Vdc correspond to +60°C and 100%R.H. Power supply 5...35Vdc, 2mA. Probe Φ 14x96 mm. Cable L=1,5 m.
The HD9809T Combined Temperature Relative Humidity Sensor offers a low cost solution for combined
temperature and relative humidity measurement. All signal conditioning has been taken care of and the
transmitter is ready to use as it has been factory calibrated.
The output signal is 0-1V for both temperature and humidity.

Dual temperature humidity transmitter.

Model  Description 
HD9809T  Dual temperature and relative humidity transmitter.

The HD9809T uses a very reliable capacitive sensor which covers a wide range of humidity 5...98% RH. The sensor has fast response time also when saturation has occurred. Low hysteresis and long term stability guarantee accurate measurements along with long calibration intervals.
A thick film class A Pt100 sensor is used for the temperature measurement.
Linearity and repeatability are excellent.

The HD 9809T is fit into a small housing diameter 14mm, length 94 mm plus a cable outlet.
This housing is sealed protection class IP64 and a M12x1 thread is provided at the bottom of the transmitter or the ease of mounting. A screened cable of 1.5 meters is attached to the transmitter for power supply and output signals. The output tolerates capacitive loads due to long cables or indicator/regulator input circuitry without problems

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