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The DT-311J Stroboscope Tachometer is used to set injection timing, injection pressure,
timing of shedding and weft running time of weaving machinery.
Rugged-Drip Proof (IP65) Housing, High Performance Accuracy, Special Phase shifting,
w/ Shock Absorbing components and top mounted handle, allows the equipment operator maximum
flexibility when setting the timing of weaving machinery.

DT-311J Stroboscope Tachometer

Model  Description 
DT-311J  DT-311J Stroboscope (Loom Strobe, 115 VAC, IP-67 Protection) 
DT-311J  DT-311J Stroboscope (Loom Strobe, 220 VAC, IP-67 Protection) 

Stroboscope Tachometer is ideally suited for printing inspection, motion analysis, preventive maintenance
and speed measurement of repetitive motion, our strobes provide timely data on vibrating parts,
leaks, spray patterns and a variety of industrial and scientific operations.
The DT-311J stroboscope tachometer is extremely easy to operate via its lightweight
and compact design, its rugged metal construction provides unequaled reliability in the harshest

DT-311J Stroboscope Tachometer
Model  DT-311J 
Range  200 - 1,500 rpm 
Phase Shift  0 - 359° / 1° increments 
Internal Signal Range  200 to 1,500 rpm / fpm 
Flash Rate / Phase Angle Tester  Rotary Encoder 
Display  4 digit 10mm high Red LED 
Divide Ratio  1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 with shift 
Input Signal  High level: 5 to 24V Pulse width 2 msec min.
Low level: 0 to 1V Pulse width 2 msec min.
Output impedance less than 10 Kohm 
Input Impedance  47 KΩ 
Display Mode  Phase shift (degree), Tachometer 
Accuracy  ± 1 digit 
Flashtube  Xenon lamp Flashtube 311-J / max: 10W at 1,500 rpm
Life: 1,200 hours at 1,500 rpm 
Operating Temperature  0 to 40° C 
Power Requirement  115 VAC± 5% 50/60Hz 
Power Consumption  20 VA max 
Dimensions  5.85" W x 6.85" H x 8.42" (149 W x 174 H x 214 L mm) 
Weight  4.2 lbs (1.9 Kg) 
Accessories Included  19.68’ (6m) cable w/ connector, Instruction manual,
rubber strobe guard w/ handle 
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