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GEOHM C compact, handy, menu-driven soil resistance, resistivity, earthing measuring instrument for 3 and 4-wire connection with continuous monitoring of interference voltage and earth electrode and probe resistance with indication if allowable limit values are exceeded.
Complete indication of all necessary values at a large dot matrix display, or warning with 4 LEDs.
Easily comprehensible, simple operation with 4 keys

Earth Resistivity Meter

Model  Description 
GEOHM C  GEOHM C Earth Resistivity Meter.

The GEOHM C is a compact instrument for the measurement of ground resistance in electrical systems in accordance with: DIN VDE 0100 Installation of power systems with nominal voltages of up to 1000 V DIN VDE 0141 Grounding in AC systems with nominal voltages of greater than 1 kV DIN VDE 0800.
Installation and operation of telecommunications systems including data processing systems:
equipotential bonding and grounding

Testing of lightning protection systems in accordance with DIN VDE 0185.
The instrument is also capable of determining soil resistivity which is essential in calculating dimensions for grounding systems. It can thus be taken advantage of for simple, geological surveys, and for the planning of grounding systems. Beyond this, ohmic resistance can be measured at both solid and liquid conductors, as well as internal resistance at conductive elements, as long as these are capacitance and induction-free.

Earthing resistance is measured with the GEOHM C by means of the ammeter-voltmeter test method.
The battery powered, potential-free constant power source (quartz controlled square-wave generator) delivers constant current of up to 10 mA at a frequency of 128 Hz to the measuring ranges.
In the interest of safety, maximum test voltage at the terminals is limited to 50 V with reference to earth.

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