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Presented here is information on our range of special, custom built, test and measurement
equipment for the industrial, marine and medical.

Hotek Technologies, Inc offers the wide range of electrical control panels test boxes for various
industries / applications and custom-built panels for specific requirements.

We design and manufacture instrument panels, control panels which contain power/reference sources,
loads, fuses, fuse blocks, relay/timer control circuits, AC and DC meters (Amp, Volt, Frequency),
switches, jacks, connectors, cables and instruments.

Instrumentation Panels.

Electrical Panels.

Alarm Panels.

Distribution Panels.

Engine Panels.

Simulation Panels.

Power Control Center Panels.

Power Switching Panels.

Test Panels.

All panels include accessories, cables, documentation.

Recently Hotek Technologies, Inc expanded its offer to build and provide control panels for heating
systems commonly used on board of the ships.
Our electrical panels can be installed on board of the ships to control heating in different
Panels can be controlled locally or remotely.
Programmable PLC and display monitors can be added as required.
Input and output signals can be monitored from central control station.
All panels will provide detail data working conditions, temperature, alarms, work hours and so on.
We can work on existing projects or work with mechanical contractor to develop new design.
Also we can offer good priced Watertight Luminaire for engine rooms, stores, galleys, decks etc.
Hotek Technologies, Inc is capable of taking responsibility for all engineering, drawings, specifications,
and approvals. Our products are custom designed and built to meet customers' or OEM specifications.
Our organization consists of highly skilled personnel with many years of experience in building
electronics and electro-mechanical test equipment.
This enables us to offer reliable service at substantial cost savings for your company in time,
manpower, and materials.
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