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pH and dissolved oxygen conductivity meter

CO-401 - Portable, waterproof dissolved oxygen meter.
CPO-401 - pH and dissolved oxygen meter - portable.
CCO-401 - Conductivity and dissolved oxygen meter - portable
Measure oxygen dissolved in water and sewage in % of saturation or mg/l, temperature and atmospheric pressure. Two kinds of power sources 9V battery or power adapter enable work in field and laboratory. Air pressure measurement with automatic counting of it’s influence on the oxygen measurement increases the accuracy and makes working easier. The CCO-401 automatically counts the influence of salinity on the result of dissolved oxygen measurement what greatly shortens the work time. Wide measuring range enables measurements in lakes with blooming

pH and dissolved oxygen meter

Model  Description 
CO-401  Portable, waterproof dissolved oxygen meter.
CPO-401  pH and dissolved oxygen meter - portable.
CCO-401  Conductivity and dissolved oxygen meter - portable.

1 or 2 point oxygen probe calibration.
The CCO-401 additionally measures conductivity, the characteristic features identical like in CC-401.
The CPO-401 measures also pH, characteristic features like in CP-401 pH meter.
Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
Clock with date. Internal datalogger enables storing up to 200 results, taken in series or single with
temperature, time and date.
The results and characteristics are stored in non-volatile memory.
RS-232 output for connecting with a PC or with a standard printer using an interface.
24 months warranty for the meter 12 for electrodes.

Meter specifications
Function pH (CPO) mV (CPO) Conductivity
° C O2 % O2 mg/l
Range -2.000÷16.000 ± 1000 mV 0÷2000 mS/cm
0÷200g/l KCl
0÷300 g/l NaCl
-50 ÷ 199.9 0÷300 0 ÷ 29.99
Accuracy ( ± 1 digit) ± 0.002 pH ± 0.1 mV 0.1% >20 mS/cm:
± 0.1 ° C*
1% 0,1 mg/l
Temp. compens. -5 ÷ 110 ° C - -5 ÷ 70 ° C - 0 ÷ 40 ° C 0 ÷ 40° C
Input impedance 10Exp12 Ω - - - - -
Dimensions (mm) L=149, W=82, H=22

* The total error of the temperature measurements depends on the kind of used probe.

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