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pH Meter.

CP-101 meters are used for pH measurements in field and for temporary controlling in industry and
agriculture (CP-104).
Size of a tester, accuracy of laboratory meter.
Replaceable electrodes.
 - CP-101, CP-102, CP-103 - only for clean water,
- CP-104 - for water with deposits, sewage and soil. Features:
- CP-101 - measures pH,
- CP-102 - measures pH, has additional HOLD function (freezes the result on the display),
- CP-103, CP-104 - measure pH and temperature.

Pocketsize pH tester

Model  Description 
CP-101  pH portable meter clean water use.
CP-102  pH portable meter with HOLD function - clean water use.
CP-103  pH temperature portable meter clean water use.
CP-104  pH temperature portable meter with HOLD function -clean water use.

2 point calibration with automatic 3 buffer solutions recognition (4.00; 7.00; 9.00 pH).
Automatic Temperature Compensation.
Battery powered (3 x LR44).
Long-lasting work on one battery set (200 hrs work).
Fully waterproof housing floats on the water.
Automatic switch off function to protect the battery against discharging.
24 months warranty for the meter, 12 for the electrode.

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