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Multifunction meter.

CX-401 Waterproof Multifunction pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pressure, temperature datalogger.
In this small size meter all functions of pH meters, conductivity meters and oxygen meters of series 400
were included.
Two kinds of power sources (battery and 9V adapter) enable work both in the field and in laboratory.
All functions are characterized by very high accuracy and repeatability.
Accurate pH measurement in the whole measuring range (accuracy 0.002 pH),
Precise ORP determination (accuracy 0.1mV),
Measurement of both redistilled water and thick salinity,
Accurate counting conductivity to salinity in NaCl or KCl in wide range,

Multifunction Meter

Model  Description 
CX-401  Waterproof Multifunction pH, conductivity, dissolved oxyge

Simplified way of determining the TDS by the conductivity measurement,
Atmospheric pressure measurement,
Dissolved oxygen concentration measurement with automatic counting of atmospheric pressure
and salinity influence, what makes working extremely easy.
Temperature measurement in wide range.
Collecting up to 200 results in the internal datalogger with temperature, time and date, also taking
series of measurements possible.
Transferring the collected data to a PC or printing them with the aid of interface on standard printer.
Unification of the operating in all measuring functions makes working trouble free.
24 months of warranty for the meter.

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