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Pocket Thermometer.

PT-101 Pocketsize thermometer enables temperature measurements with use of probes with or
without cable.
Depending on the requirements it is possible to choose from two kinds of probes with lower
accuracy (±1,0 °C) or higher (±0.3 °C). Switching the probes doesn't require calibration.
The probe's electronic calibration data is stored in the head.

Pocketsize thermometer

Model  Description 
PT-101  Waterproof pocketsize Thermometer

The probes are made of stainless steel, the diameter is 3 mm.
The end of the probe may be flat or sharp.
The sharp ended probes may be additionally equipped with special handle for beating into harder substances.
Probes are equipped with silicon or silicon with steel plaiting cables.
Fully waterproof housing enables working even in very difficult conditions.
Auto off function protects the batteries against discharging.
Special HOLD function freezes the result on the display.
Battery powered (3 x LR44).
Warranty 24 months.
Measuring range depends on kind of used probe:
Probe without cable: -70 - 130 °C
Probe with cable: -70 - 400 °C

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