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Precision Thermometer.

PT-401 is a highly accurate and repeatable thermometer with great number of additional features.
In the meter a newest generation 16 bit measuring analogue to digital converter is used.
The measurement is done with resistor probe Pt-100 DIN 1/10 B class.
Replacing the sensor doesn't require calibration.
4 wire measuring method makes measurement accuracy undependable on the cable length.

Precision Thermometer

Model  Description 
PT-401  Precision thermometer.

The results may be displayed in °C, °F or K.
Large LCD display shows large result and additional symbols, what makes working easier.
During continuous measurements information about maximal, minimal and average value is available.
Alarm function enables setting maximal and minimal value, when they are exceeded it switches the alarm on.
There is possibility of sending the signal about exceeding the limits to external relays PT-401 has internal
clock with date.
Internal datalogger enables storing up to 240 results taken single or as series with given time interval.
All data is stored in non-volatile memory.
Possibility of connecting with a PC by RS-232 output or with standard printer by interface.
Powered by 9V battery or 9V power adapter. 24 months warranty.
Function °C °F K
Range 200.00 - 400.00 °C ; -328 - 752.00 °F ; -73.15 - 673.15
Resolution 0.01, 0.1, 1

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