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Humidity dew point meter.

Are used for accurate relative air humidity and temperature measurements.
PWT-101 is a pocketsize hygrometer connected with sensor without cable.
PWT-102 is connected with the sensor by cable.
PWT-103 additionally enables determining of dew point and is equipped with surface temperature probe.

Pocketsize hygrometers

Model  Description 
PWT-101  Pocketsize Hygrometer internal sensor.
PWT-102  Hygrometer with the sensor by cable.
PWT-103  Hygrometer dew point with surface temperature probe.

The measurement is done with high class capacity sensor HC-1000.
In PWT-101 and PWT-102 function HOLD freezes the result on the display.
Battery powered (3 x LR44).
Automatic switch off function protects the batteries against discharging.
Warranty 24 months.

RH range  0 - 100 % RH
RH resolution  0.1 % 
Accuracy  1 % RH 
Humidity sensor  HC-1000 
RH sensor reaction time  t90 < 10 s 
Hysteresis  < 2 % RH 
RH sensor long term drift  1 % RH / year 
Temperature range  -20 - 100 °C 
Temperature resolution  0.1 °C 
Temperature accuracy  ±1 °C 
Power   Batteries 3 x LR44 
Weight  80 g 
Dimensions (mm)  L = 152, Φ = 26 
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