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The EPS/ELR programmable load with energy recovery (i.e. mains feedback) offers new voltage up to 1500V, currents up to 510A at power ratings with 10,5kW and expandable with more than 200kW on request.
The unit incorporate the four common operation modes Constant Current / Resistance / Voltage / Power and are used for a multitude of applications.
The FPGA based control circuit provides additional features like a function and arbitrary generator, a table based regulation circuit for the control of dynamic load profiles or the simulation of non-linear internal resistances, like the ones of batteries or LED chains.

Electronic Load with energy recovery

Model  Description 
EPS/ELR  Electronical Load with energy recovery

The energy recovery function converts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local or public grid. In common systems, the energy from burn-in tests and battery capacity tests is radiated into the environment. This energy can be recovered with this unit.
The big blue LCD resistive touch panel offers a different and intuitive kind of manual handling compared to other devices. Response times for the control via analog or digital interfaces have been improved by the DSP controlled hardware. During parallel operation, a Share bus is used to balance the load current between the single units. For the remote control there are already two interfaces built-in (1x analog, 1x USB), which can also be extended by optional, pluggable and retrofittable, digital interface modules for RS232, RS485,
CANopen, Ethernet and Profibus.
The front side USB port is for USB sticks, in order to load and save profiles.
Further options are supervision unit 3-phases (AIU, ENS) »EPS/ELR ENS (BISI)« as well preconfigured cabinet systems.

Typical Model Details:
Constant I-, U-, P- and R-Operation
Input Voltage: 0 V - 80VDC Input Current: 0,01 A - 170A Input Power: 0-3500W
Resitance: 0,01-12 Ohm
Mains Voltage: 230VAC +-10%, 47-53Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 19"x3Ux595 Incl.
Function Generator
Incl. Analog/USB Interface with LabView VIs Extra
USB-Port for USB-Sticks
Energy recovery
Galvanically isolated DC input
Multi-language touch panel
User profiles, data looging
Share bus for parallel operation

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