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The microprocessor controlled laboratory power supply E/PS 2000B demonstrates a flexible power ranging, compact design, practical housing and excellent values.
The series is available with single- and triple output up to a power range of 340W.
Besides the output voltages of 42V and 84V, the multiple outputs have a 12W auxiliary output with 3-6V.
Also the »Tracking« feature provides simultaneous control of both main outputs, so the user can, for example, set up a variable +15V output. The units are closed at top and bottom and have no external heat sinks.
Thus are especially suitable for use in schools and training establishments.
The safety sockets are in front of the unit.

AC/DC Power Supply

Model  Description 
E/PS 2000B  Laboratory AC/DC Power Supply 100-332 W

Nominal values for voltage, current, overvoltage threshold (OVP) and overcurrent threshold (OCP) as well the actual values of output voltage and current are indicated at an illuminated four-digit LCD display.

The adjustable threshold of OVP and/or OCP from 0-110% nominal, will protect a malfunctioning application from overvoltage/-current by immediate output shutdown.
The unit can be monitored and remotely controlled by a Windows Software and via a Mini-USB port which is equipped as standard. In order to unlock the device and to enable full functionality of the software,
it is required to purchase a license »E/PS IF-KIT« for every unit. Energy efficiency: Auto ranging, high efficiency, temperature regulated fans (320W)
Input Voltage: 90 V bis 264 VAC 45/65 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 174 x 82 x 240
USB Interface without License
Constant Voltage (CV), Current (CC)
Preset of Voltage and Current

Available models
Model Output Voltage Output Current Output Power Design
 E/PS 2084-03B  0-84 VDC  0-3 A  100 W  Desktop
 E/PS 2042-06B  0-42 VDC  0-6 A  100 W  Desktop
 E/PS 2042-10B  0-42 VDC  0-10 A  160 W  Desktop
 E/PS 2384-05B  0-84 VDC / 0-84 VDC / 0-84 VDC  0-5 A / 0-5 A / 4 A max  2x160W+1x12W  Desktop
 E/PS 2042-20B  0-42 VDC  0-20 A  320 W  Desktop
 E/PS 2084-10B  0-84 VDC  0-10 A  320 W  Desktop
 E/PS 2342-06B  0-42 VDC / 0-42 VDC / 0-42 VDC  0-6 A / 0-6 A / 4 A max  2x100W+1x12W  Desktop
 E/PS 2342-10B  0-42 VDC / 0-42 VDC / 0-42 VDC  0-10 A / 0-10 A / 4 A max.  2x160W+1x12W  Desktop
 E/PS 2384-03B  0-84 VDC / 0-84 VDC / 0-84 VDC  0-3 A / 0-3 A / 4 A max.  2x100W+1x12W  Desktop
 E/PS 2084-05B  0-84 VDC  0-5 A  160 W  Desktop
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