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The E/PS 9000 programmable laboratory Power Supplies offer many features in the standard version and are used in professional applications in the field of automotive, research and development.
The units are equipped with a flexible auto-ranging output stage which provides a higher output voltage at lower output current, or a higher output current at lower output voltage, always limited to the maximum nominal output power.
Output voltages up to 750V, output current up to 300A at an output power of 9kW are available.
The models have a System-bus, which allows a serial- and parallel operation with symmetric current sharing (Master/Slave) fast and easily.

Laboratory Power Supply

Model  Description 
E/PS 9000  Laboratory Power Supply 1500-9000 W

The functionality of a fixed voltage unit is implemented with a "Value Fix" switch.
The units are provided with easy-to-use 10-turn potentiometers, illuminated 3,5 digits displays and preset functions for voltage, current and OVP.
If a fast changeover of voltage from a high to a low voltage is required, this series can be equipped with a power-sink module (Option »EPS/ZH«).
The fast voltage change is achieved by the capability of this power-sink module to discharge the internal filter capacitor of the power supply as well as the input filter capacitors of the equipment connected.
By the push of a button or an external signal an voltage trace of an automotive power network according to DIN 40839 can be produced. Additional in order to achieve rapid voltage changes with minimal ramp up and down times, the filter capacity can be reduced with the option High speed »EPS/HS«.
It results in ramp times in the range of microseconds.
Dimension (WxHxD mm): 330 x 118 x 388 tabletop
Analog Interface
Remote sensing (auto-sensing)
Constant Voltage (CV) Current (CC) Power (CP)
Series- or Parallel Operation
Presetting of 5 output values

Available models
Model Voltage Current Output Power Design
 E/PS 9080-50-T  0-80 VDC  0-50 A  1500 W  Bench
 E/PS 9080-50  0-80 VDC  0-50A  1500 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9080-100  0-80 VDC  0-100 A  3000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9080-200  0-80 VDC  0-200 A  6000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9080-300  0-80 VDC  0-300 A  9000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9300-15-T  0-300 VDC  0-15 A  1500 W  Bench
 E/PS 9300-15  0-300 VDC  0-15 A  1500 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9300-25  0-300 VDC  0-25 A  3000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9300-50  0-300 VDC  0-50 A  6000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9300-75  0-300 VDC  0-75 A  9000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9600-25  0-600 VDC  0-25 A  6000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9750-25  0-750 VDC  0-25 A  9000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9160-100  0-160 VDC  0-100 A  6000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9240-100  0-240 VDC  0-100 A  9000 W  19 inch
 E/PS 9600-15  0-600 VDC  0-15 A  3000 W  19 inch
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