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The E/PS 3000B linear laboratory power supplies offers versatile functionality:
LED displays with preset functions for current and OVP, an extensive analogue interface and status indicators via LEDs.
Along with the linear technology power classes of 160W and 320W, there is a 650W power class with switching technology and PFC.

DC Linear Power Supply

Model  Description 
E/PS 3000B  Bench Linear Power Supply 160-650 W

There are no ventilation slots in either the top or base of the units, also no external heat sinks.
This attention to safety and protection makes it ideal for schools and universities as well as test and development laboratories and industry.

The load can be connected through the safety sockets on the front or via the screw terminal on the rear side.
Remote sensing can be done via a dedicated input which is directly connected to the load equipment, in order to compensate for voltage drops on the load cables.
Nominal values for voltage, current and overvoltage threshold (OVP) as well the actual values of output voltage and current are indicated at an illuminated three-digit display.
The adjustable threshold of OVP will protect a malfunctioning application from overvoltage by immediate output shutdown.
The unit can be monitored and remotely controlled via the analogue interface or the optional digital USB Interface which includes a Windows Software.
Input Voltage: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 240 x 120 x 300
Incl. Analog Interface
Constant Voltage (CV), Current (CC)
Preset of Voltage and Current

Available models
Model Voltage Current Output Power Design
 E/PS 3016-10B  0-16 VDC  0-10 A  160 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3016-20B  0-16 VDC  0-20 A  320 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3016-40B  0-16 VDC  0-40 A  640 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3032-05B  0-32 VDC  0-5 A  160 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3032-10B  0-32 VDC  0-10 A  320 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3032-20B  0-32 VDC  0-20 A  640 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3065-03B  0-65 VDC  0-3 A  160 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3065-05B  0-65 VDC  0-5 A  325 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3065-10B  0-65 VDC  0-10 A  650 W  Desktop
 E/PS 3150-04B  0-150 VDC  0-4 A  640 W  Desktop
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