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The E/PS 8000-DT programmable laboratory Power Supplies are ideally suited for schools, laboratory and workshop because of their desktop case.
The units are equipped with a flexible auto-ranging output stage (>1kW) which provides a higher output voltage at lower output current, or a higher output current at lower output voltage, always limited to the maximum nominal output power.
Output voltages up to 360VDC, Currents upon 60A at an output power of 1500W are available.
All models have a »System bus« terminal, which allows a serial- and parallel operation with symmetric current sharing (Master/Slave) fast and easily.

Bench Power Supply

Model  Description 
E/PS 8000-DT   Laboratory Bench Power Supply

In order to ease adjusting of values by the existing rotary encoders, it can be switched between coarse and fine setting mode, just by a key stroke.
To prevent unintentional operations, all operations controls can be locked. An analogue interface 0-10V is provided for standard to program and record voltage and current.
Optionally digital interfaces for GPIB, RS232, Ethernet, CAN, USB and Profibus are available as Plug & Play.
A free Windows Software (USB, RS232) for easy programming is included which provides data logging and automated sequences. The integration into existing systems is done very comfortably by using an interface card. The power supply units can so e.g. be operated in a group with other power supply units and/or several can be controlled by a PLC or master-unit with analog interface.
Input Voltage: 90-264 VAC; 45-65 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 330x118x388
Analog Interface
Remote sense (auto-sensing)
Constant Voltage (CV), Current (CC), Power (CP)
Series- or Parallel operation
Memory function (5 Presets)

Available models
Model Voltage Current Output Power Design
 E/PS 8360-10-DT  0-360 VDC  0-10 A  0-1000 W  Bench
 E/PS 8080-60DT  0-80 VDC  0-60 A  0-1500 W  Bench
 E/PS 8360-15-DT  0-360 VDC  0-15 A  0-1500 W  Bench
 E/PS 8080-40-DT  0-80 VDC  0-40 A  0-1000 W  Bench
 E/PS 8160-04-DT  0-160 VDC  0-4 A  640 W  Bench
 E/PS 8065-10DT  0-65 VDC  0-10 A  650 W  Bench
 E/PS 8032-20-DT  0-32 VDC  0-20 A  640 W  Bench
 E/PS 8065-05-DT  0-65 VDC  0-5 A  325 W  Bench
 E/PS 8032-10-DT  0-32 VDC  0-10 A  320 W  Bench
 E/PS 8016-20-DT  0-16 VDC  0-20 A  320 W  Bench
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