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EL Series microprocessor controlled programmable electronic load.
A new generation of electronical loads satisfy practically every need of modern laboratories and industry, so e.g. also for Lithium (E-Vehicle) and Ultracap discharging.
Besides the operation modes Constant Current and Resistance, Voltage and Power other settings are additionally effective to protect the test equipment. For example, constant current can have a maximum power setting while constant voltage, power or resistance can have a maximum current setting.

Electronic Load

Model  Description 
EPS/EL  EPS/EL Electronic Load - available models

Mains Voltage: 115/230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Operation mode: CV, CC, CP, CR, CC+CP, CV/CR/CP+CC
A/B-operation: Two different adjusted values selectable and switchable for all operation modes.
Puls operation with adjustable pulse-pause ratio.
Rise and fall time adjustable.
Battery test mode with time and capacity counter.
Trigger input, system bus.
Over temperatur protection Incl. analog protection.
Parallel operation possible
The easily readable graphic display shows a clear representation of set values with which the user is guided by a clear menu and rotary knobs.
The standard range provides loads from 400W until 7200W or upon request, cabinets up to 100kW input power. The input voltages are even up to 750V.
It is possible to switch in static operation or in dynamic operation. The units provide a battery test mode with time and capacity counter, too. The "System Bus" at the rear side of the »EPS/EL9000« has a number of functions, such as remote sense input, the share bus input to build a two quadrant operation system with laboratory power supplies of the »E/PS/I 9000« or »E/PS/I 8000«..
Typical applications i.e. for the 2Q operation are: battery test with automatic charge and discharge cycles, automotive electronic tests with simulation of transients (like voltage break-ins during engine starts) and cyclic charging and discharing of capacitors.
The electronic loads in the »EPS/EL-HP« series offer an upgrade by incorporating a high performance
cooler and blower.
The electronic loads in the »EPS/EL-HP« series offer an upgrade by incorporating a high performance cooler and blower. The load can be controlled directly from a PC by optional digital Plug & Play inferfaces like USB, GPIB, RS232, CAN and Ethernet. Included there is a Windows Software (USB, RS232) which provides control and monitoring, data logging and automated sequences.
The optional water cooling has the advantages that there is no hot air exhaust on the device and no heat accumulation as well as significantly lower noise and 100% permanent power available.
Energy Efficiency: Latest MOS technology, temperature regulated fans

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