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The EPS/HV 9000 High voltage power supplies are frequency modulated resonance converters.
The units are provided with easy-to-use 10-turn potentiometers, illuminated displays and preset functions for voltage, current and OVP.
A choice of output voltages up to 12kV, output currents upon 1,67A at an output power of 2000W is available.

High Voltage Power Supply

Model  Description 
HV 9000  High Voltage Power Supply 2000 W

The modern switching concept in connection with multi regulation loops allows the construction of precise high voltage systems up to 100kV with outstanding regulation performance.
Intended to protect connected loads, it is possible to define an overvoltage protection limit (OVP).
The units are overload and short-circuit proofed, too.
The output can be switched off with the standby button - Output.
An analogue interface is provided for standard to program and record voltage and current.
As digital interfaces GPIB/RS232, Ethernet and USB are available optional.
The external programming connection is also equipped with an interlock loop (safety cutout). For special applications a unit with extreme low ripple less than 0,01% pp is available.
EEnergy efficiency:
Standby operation, high efficiency, temperature regulated fans.
The EPS/HV 4209.0 represents a special model with 0-3000V at 600W.

Available models
Model Voltage Current Output Power Design
 EPS/HV 9000-1K2-2000  0-1200 VDC  0-1,67 A  2000 W  19 inch
 EPS/HV 9000-2K-2000  0-2000 VDC  0-1 A  2000 W  19 inch
 EPS/HV 9000-6K-2000  0-6000 VDC  0-0,350 A  2000 W  19 inch
 EPS/HV 9000-12K-2000  0-12000 VDC  0-0,170 A  2000 W  19 inch
 EPS/HV 4209.0  0,05 ... 3000 V  0,02 ... 200 mA  600 W  19 inch
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