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The T-150 frequency calibrator can generate or read frequencies ranging from 1 count
per minute to 100 kHz allowing it to be used for a wide range of flow measuring instrumentation.

T-150 Frequency Calibrator

Model  Description 
T-150  Frequency Calibrator w/ knob adjust function 

Operation of this calibrator is made easy through the use of a sealed membrane keypad with simple controls.
The outputs are set through the use of step and ramp keys which allow both large and small output changes to be made with ease.

The T-150 frequency calibrator is designed to give the technician laboratory grade accuracy in a rugged,
easy to use instrument.

T-150 Frequency Calibrator
Frequency Range  0-100.0 kHz
0-1000.0 Hz
0-1000.0 CPM
Accuracy  ± 0.01% F.S. ± 1 LSD
Max Load Driving  5 mA (1 Kohm load min)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50° C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60° C
Temperature Stability .005% F.S./° C
Output Signal 5 V p-p square wave
Input Signal 1 V to 100 V p-p
Step Size 10% of range
Scroll Size .1% of Range
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