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SR 12E 6HE 4TE 12-channel 19" temperature controller module.

The multi-channel, autonomously functioning SR12E controller is laid out as a controller module in double Euro-format. It is suitable for temperature regulating processes at injection molding, extrusion, textrusion, packaging, and film blowing machines, as well as in ovens.
Up to 12 channels can be programmed for either 2 or 3 position operation.
A PID algorithm, with a special start-up mode which automatically determines its own control parameters
upon request (adaptive controller), assures short start-up times.

Temperature controller module

Model  Description 
SR 12E 6HE 4TE  12-channel 19" temperature controller module

The standard version includes the following functions:
• Two position, three position control per channel
• Adaptation • Start-up switch for hot runner
• ON-time controller
• Clocked, manipulated variable
• Alternate setpoint
• 24 switching outputs: 24 VDC for SSR, short-circuit proof
• RS 232 service interface
• 2 relay outputs for group alarms, freely configurable

Depending upon order configurations, the controller is equipped with the following characteristics:
• Sensor input for thermocouple types J / L, K
• RS485 / TTY communications interface (20 mA)

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