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R2180 Digital Compact Temperature Controller.
96 x 96 mm Compact Temperature Controller with Digital Display for Actual Value.
The R2180 temperature controller replaces the GTR0218 analog controller and assures long-term fulfillment of guarantee obligations in machinery and equipment manufacturing.
Design, features, connection designations and controller performance have all been retained, allowing for
extremely easy change-over to the new model which is described in a special set of operating instructions.

Compact Temperature Controller

Model  Description 
R2180  R2180 Digital Compact Temperature Controller

• Harmonics-free PDPI control algorithm
• Self-optimization for ideal control parameters
• Digital displays for actual value and setpoint (manipulating factor, heating current)
• Setpoint can be keyed in
• Control outputs can be shut down with a single keystroke
• Programmable limit values and setpoint limiting
• Sensor error display
• Heating current acquired with an external transformer
• IP 65 protection at front panel
• Extremely small installation depth of only 50 mm

Use of the newest technologies assures excellent ease of operation and display convenience, exemplary control quality, minimal wear and tear and ideal suitability for aggressive environments.

Order options:
• Controller as two-position controller, two-position controller with limit contact, or three-position controller.
• Long (12 to 120 s), medium (6 to 75 s) or short (1.2 to 15 s) time response
• Measuring Ranges: type L, J, K, R and S thermocouples or PT100 (2/3-wire)
• 1st switching output: relay or transistor
• Auxiliary voltages: 110 VAC , 120 VAC , 220 VAC , 240 VAC

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