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R7101 3HE 16TE 8-channel 19" Temperature Controller Module.
The R7101 control module with DDC algorithm is suitable for temperature regulating processes
at injection molding, extrusion, textrusion, packaging, and film blowing machines, as well as in ovens.

Temperature Controller module

Model  Description 
R7101 3HE  8-channel 19" Temperature Controller Module

The standard version includes the following functions:
• Two position, three position, step or hot runner temperature control for each channel
• Start-up switch for hot runner (with external activation)
• Externally activated alternative setpoint
• Regulated temperature is maintained in the event of sensor failure
• Switching outputs: 24 VDC for SSR
• Heat current monitoring with R7701 data concentrator and GTZ4121 current transformers
• Auxiliary voltage: 24 VDC

Depending upon order configurations, the controller is equipped with the following characteristics:
• Self-optimization
• 4-channel differential control
• Two limit contacts: MIN and MAX, absolute / relative, make / break contact
• Sensor input for thermocouple types J / L, K, S / R or PT100 (2/3-wire) or
standard signals: 0/2..10V and 0/4..20mA
• Switchable reference junction for thermocouples
• External setpoint

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