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R9000 Modular 19" Rack Mount Temperature Controller System 3HE.
R9000 system is suitable for controlling and monitoring temperature and other quantities, e.g. at machines
in the plastics processing and textile industries.
Modular design offers the following advantages: simplified project engineering, ordering and wiring,
easy new installation or retrofitting.
Thanks to compact dimensions, up to 32 controllers, even of different types, can be mounted to a single rack.
The 4-channel controller modules and the master unit with control panel all function autonomously.

Rack mount Temperature Controller

Model  Description 
R9000  Modular 19" Rack mount Temperature Controller

Master Unit:
• Configurations administration for all control loops
• Display of actual value and setpoint, alarms and error conditions
• RS232 / TTY serial interface (20 mA)

Controller modules:
• Input: 4 thermocouples, types L, J and K with switchable reference junction or Pt100 / Ni100, or 10 V or 20 mA standard signal, free linearization possible
• Control: two position / three position / step / continuous action / power controller / limit transducer
• PDPI algorithm with self-optimization
• Alternate setpoint, summated setpoint can be activated
• Outputs: 4 open collector outputs per relay for heating / cooling or more / less and MIN-MAX alarms
Auxiliary power:
Power supply via appropriate power pack: 110/230 VAC

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