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ISO KALIBRATOR Insulation Resistance Test .
Adapter for quick and efficient testing of the accuracy of measuring instruments for insulation resistance and low-value resistance. Using the tester ISO-Kalibrator 1, you can quickly and rationally test measuring instruments for insulation resistances and low-ohmic resistances for their functionality and accuracy,
and thus ensure their proper function.
This way, you can assure that the measured values determined with such resistance measuring instruments and confirmed by you, actually correspond to the true resistance value, taking into account the tolerances of such measuring instruments.


Model  Description 
ISO-KALIBRATOR 1  Calibration Adapter for Insulation Testers.

As, in practice, insulation meters and low-ohmic measuring instruments are used as combination equipment (e.g. insulation meters of the METRISO series by GOSSEN-METRAWATT), the ISO-Kalibrator 1 offers test
resistors for both insulation meters and low ohmic measuring instruments in an advantageous connection.

Thanks to its built-in test resistor with a load capacity of 15 A max., it is also suited for appliances for testing the protective conductor which comply with DIN VDE 0113 or DIN VDE 0701, for instance.
The ISO-Kalibrator 1 is particularly suited for testing insulation measuring instruments according to
DIN VDE 0413, part 1, and for testing ohmmeters according to DIN VDE 0413, part 4.

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