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METRACLIP 62 Clip-on Ammeter for Leakage and charging current measurement with a particularly shielded opening for protection against outside influences.
For leakage current measurements at grounded conductors with the measurement
ranges of 200 mA, 2000 mA, 10 A TRMS, respectively AC and DC with Hall Sensor.
Measurement of leakage current at single-phase or 3-phase systems.
Measurement of line current. Measurement of charging current with an automatic zero position.

Digital Clamp On Meter.

Model  Description 
METRACLIP 62  Clip-on Ammeter - Leakage and charging current

3½ place LCD digital display.
Accuracy: ± 1% ± 5 Digit (50 / 60 Hz).
3 measuring ranges 1 mA . . . 10 A AC TRMS / DC.
High resolution due to hall effect sensor.
Switch-over between DC and AC measurements.
Zero balancing for DC measurements.
Storage of reference values for AC measurements.
Display of maximum or minimum current measured value.
Storage of measured value (DATA HOLD).
Battery saving circuit.
Insensitive to magnetic interference fields thanks to double shielding.

DATA HOLD Function.
The current measurement value or MAX/MIN value can be "frozen" at the display.
Storage of Maximum/Minimum Values.
Minimum and maximum values can be displayed for long-term monitoring of measured quantities.
Battery Saver Circuit.
If the function selector switch has not been activated for a period of 15 minutes, the instrument is
automatically shut down.

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