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METRACLIP 70 Digital Clip-On Ammeter with 4½ place digital display.
Automatic or manual measuring range selection DATA HOLD and MIN-MAX display.

Digital Clamp On Meter.

Model  Description 
METRACLIP 70  Digital Clip-On Ammeter

Alternating current measurement 200 mA ... 1000 Aeff.
Direct current measurement 200 mA ... 1400 A.
Multimeter Functions:
Alternating voltage measurement 200 mV ... 600 Veff.
Direct voltage measurement 200 mV ... 600 V.
Resistance measurement 0.5 Ohm ... 4 MOhm.
Acoustic continuity test.
Diode test.
Frequency measurement 1.00 Hz ... 4 kHz.

Storage of Display Values to Memory (HOLD, MIN-MAX).
The current measurement value or MIN-MAX value can be frozen at the display.
Overrange Indication:
Optical, and in some cases acoustic signals are generated if measuring ranges are exceeded.
Automatic Shut-Down.
The instrument shuts itself off automatically if any of the keys or the rotary switch are not activated for a period of 10 minutes.
The automatic shut-down function can be disabled.
Characteristic Values:
Digital Display 7 segment characters, 4½ digits.
Sampling Rate 500 ms.
Direct and Alternating Current, A DC and A ACeff.
Direct and Alternating Voltage, V DC and V ACeff.
Frequency range 45 Hz ... 450 Hz.
Input impedance 10 MOhm.
Resistance Measurement.
Maximum open-circuit voltage 0.5 V.
Maximum short-circuit current 0.37 mA.

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