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METRAHit EBASE High-End TRMS Digital Multimeter, System Compatible with IR Interface,
Resolution: 60,000 Digits - 15 Multimeter Functions.
Current measurement via clamp current sensors:
The transformation factor is adjustable from 1 mV:1 mA to 1 mV:1 A and the factor is calculated for the display. 4 6/7 Place High-End TRMS Digital Multimeter

TRMS Digital Multimeter

Model  Description 
METRAHIT EBASE  Multimeter voltage output current sensors

Infrared interface for data exchange and parameters configuration with a PC
(optional: IR-USB adapter and METRAwin10 software)
TRMS AC and AC+DC voltage measurement, bandwidths of up to 20 kHz dB measuring function.
Adjustable clamp factor for measurement using current sensor with voltage output

Automatic Storage of Measured Values *
The DATA function automatically saves the digitally displayed measured value after stabilization in.
Acoustic signaling is also used to indicate whether the new measured value deviates from the initial reference value by less or more than 0.1% of the measuring range.
* Patented

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