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METRAHit ESPECIAL Special Multimeter for Connection to a Current Transformer.
Prevents Any Possible Danger in the Event that Electrical Circuits Are Interrupted During Operation.
Digital Multimeter, System Compatible with Data Memory and IR Interface,
Resolution: 60,000 Digits - 21 Multimeter Functions 4 6/7 Place Special Multimeter

Special Multimeter

Model  Description 
METRAHIT ESPECIAL  Multimeter for measurement with current clamps

Infrared interface for data exchange and parameters configuration with a PC
(optional: IR-USB adapter and METRAwin10 software)
TRMS AC and AC+DC voltage measurement, bandwidths of up to 20 kHz
TRMS AC and AC+DC current measurement, bandwidths of up to 5 kHz dB measuring function
Adjustable clamp factor for measurement with current sensor and current transformer clamps

Selectable Filter for V AC Measurement.
A 1 kHz low-pass filter can be selected if required, for example to measure the motor voltage at electronic frequency converters.
The input signal is checked by a voltage comparator for dangerous voltages as long as the
low-pass filter is activated. A high-voltage symbol appears at the display if dangerous voltage is present.

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