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METRAHIT PRO TRMS Technological Multimeter.
METRAHIT PRO 4½ place TRMS digital multimeter for industrial use, e.g. in chemical process engineering.
Low-resistance (1 MΩ) alternating voltage measurement 1 kHz / -3 dB low-pass filter can be activated. Resolution: 12,000 digits. 16 multimeter functions.
Digital Hand-Held Multimeters with RMS Measurement : VAC TRMS, VAC+DC TRMS, VDC, Hz (V),
Hz (A), Ω, V , °C/°F (TC)

Digital multimeter

Model  Description 

Precision multimeter, resolution: 10 uV, 100 uA, 10 milli-Ohm
TRMS measurement of VAC and IAC up to 1 kHz
Voltage measurement: 100 mV, 1/10/100/1000 VDC/AC
Current measurement 1/10 A direct.
Resistance measurement: 100 Ohm, 1/10/100 kOhm, 1/10/40 MOhm
Frequency measurement: 100 Hz, 1/10/100 kHz
Capacitance measurement: 10/100 nF, 1/10/100/1000 uF
Measured value storage and MIN-MAX recording
Overload and blown fuse indication
Temperature measurement K type probe.
Automatic and manual measuring range selection 20 mm digital display with supplementary analog scale.
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