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METRAHit X-TRA TRMS System Multimeter.
Digital Hand-Held Multimeter with TRMS Measurement:
VAC RMS, VAC+DC TRMS, VDC, Hz (V), Hz (A), Ω, V , °C/°F (TC).
Low-resistance (1 MΩ) alternating voltage measurement.
1 kHz / -3 dB low-pass filter can be activated.
Direct current measurement from 10 nA to 10 A, 16 A for short periods.
Temperature measurement with Pt100(0) resistance thermometer. Broad range capacitance measurement. 
Frequency and keying ratio measurement at 2 to 5 V signals or up to 1 MHz..
Data memory and bidirectional infrared interface.

TRMS System Multimeter.

Model  Description 

Resolution: 12,000 digits, 4½-place
3 connector jacks with patented automatic blocking sockets (ABS)
Voltage measurement with a basic accuracy of ± 0.05% (V DC)
Auto-range current measurement from 100 μA (resolution: 10 nA) to 10 A (16A) via a single connector jack and a single fuse
Large, light-blue illuminated display with extra large characters (15 mm) and an analog bar graph for dynamic processes
Separate battery and fuse compartments
Measuring categories: 1000V CAT III and 600V CAT IV
Furnished with DKD calibration certificate
23 Multimeter Functions
Voltage ACTRMS, voltage AC+DC TRMS, voltage DC, frequency (Hz, MHz), keying ratio, resistance, diode test, continuity test, capacitance, current ACTRMS, current AC+DC TRMS, temperature with Pt 100/1000 sensors and type K thermocouples
Additional filter function and voltage measurement with reduced input impedance for limiting interference,
for example when performing measurements at frequency converters
4 MB data memory as data logger for long-term measurements
Power pack connector socket for operation without batteries
Infrared interface for communication with the PC
Protective rubber cover safeguards against shocks and impacts

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