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MetraMachine 204-I/2,5 VDE 0113, EN 60204-1 Tester
The PROFITEST 204 tester has been designed for quick, safe testing of electrical and electronic
equipment and systems at machinery in accordance with DIN EN 60204-1 and VDE 0113 with
nominal voltages of up to 1000 V.

MetraMachine 204-I/2,5

Model  Description 
MetraMachine 204-I/2,5   MetraMachine 204-I/2,5 VDE 0113, EN 60204-1 Tester

The following periodic tests must be performed in accordance with the standard:
- Testing for continuity at connections within the protective conductor system with 10 A test current
- Insulation resistance test
- Voltage tests (optionally HP or HV)
- Testing for residual voltage.

Beyond this, the following tests and measurements may be performed as well:
- Leakage current test
- Voltage measurement
- Frequency measurement

All values required for approval reports can be measured with this instrument.

Remote Control:
The test probe with integrated control panel allows for remote control of protective conductor and insulation
resistance measurements, as well as storage of the respective values to memory. Integrated lamps
indicate measurement progress status.
All PROFITEST 204 operating functions can also be controlled via the RS 232 interface.
Signal and display values can be remote queried as well.

RS 232 Interface for Printer and PC:
This port provides for data transmission and the supply of electrical power to the optionally available
SECUTEST PSI printer. Other devices (e.g. a PC) can also be connected to this port with the help of an
interface cable.

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