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METRAmax 2 Analog Multimeter.
METRAmax 2 Analog multimeter, selectable zero point either left or centered, cl. 2 DC/cl. 3 AC,
0...100 mV/300 V ACDC, 0...100 µA / 3 A AC, especially suited for training and professional applications, battery included.

Analog Multimeter

Model  Description 
METRAmax 2  METRAmax 2 Analog Multimeter.

On the METRAmax 2 analog multimeter.
The measuring ranges are selected with a sliding function switch and a rotary range selector switch.
The scale is mirror-backed.

The rugged plastic case and the spring-loaded jewel bearings of the stray-field-insensitive
moving-coil movement with core magnet protect the meter against damages in the
case of severe mechanical stress.

The electrical zero of the pointer can be positioned at midscale.
This allows for bipolar DC voltage and DC current measurements regardless of the polarity.
The connection sockets are protected against accidental contact.
Both the special test leads with contact-protected connection plugs and all test leads with commercial
banana plugs (4 mm diameter) can be used.
The DC current measuring ranges can be expanded by means of a shunt (e.g. 10 A/100 mV).
The meter is of service-friendly design.

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