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METRAOHM 413 Resistance Meter.
The METRAOHM 413 is a battery powered instrument for the measurement of low-value resistances
of up to 200 Ohm in electrical systems.
Large protective conductor, earthing, equipotential bonding and lightning protection systems can also be
tested quickly and safely with the METRAOHM413.
Resistance is measured between reference earth (e.g. an equipotential bonding strip) and any desired
points to this end. A measuring current of 200 mA (in the 20 Ohm range) and automatic functions assure
reliable measuring results.

METRAOHM 413 Resistance Meter.

Model  Description 
METRAOHM 413  Low Ohm Tester according to DIN VDE 0413

Adjustment of shunts in instrumentation applications Testing of electrical connections at busbars
in open-pit mining, in industry and in household applications.
Testing of cable resistance, wiring, shunt resistors in printed circuit boards and thick-film circuits.
Measurement of contact resistance in relays, power contactors and load interrupters.
Measurement of fuse resistance, as well as cable resistance in power circuits.
Testing of coil resistance in transformers, coils, small motors etc.

Easy Operation Operation is very easy.
Measurement cables of almost any length can be used thanks to the offset balancing function.
Measurement polarity can be reversed, and both measured values are stored to memory for
subsequent comparison.
Resultant deviations in the measuring results (e.g. possible galvanic voltages) can thus be recognized.

Offset Balancing.
Offset balancing compensates for measurement cable resistance.
The offset value is saved to memory and is utilized for all future measurements until balancing is performed once again. The value remains in memory, even after the measuring instrument has been switched off. A variety of measurement cables with resistances of up to 3.5 Ohm can be used.

Protection Against Operator Error.
The METRAOHM 413 is protected against inadvertent connection to devices under test with fault
voltages of up to 500 V by means of protective devices.

Interference Voltage Warning.
Interference voltage is indicated visually with a red LED, and audibly with an acoustic warning signal.
The voltage value is displayed at the LCD as well, as long as the test probe makes contact.

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