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The METRISO G1000A insulation and resistance measuring analog tester allow for quick and effective
testing of protective measures in accordance with:
- DIN VDE 0100 - ÖVE-EN 1 (Austria)
- SEV 1000 (Switzerland)
- and regulations specific to other countries as well.
Insulation measurement per EN 61557-2 / VDE 0413 part 2.
Low-resistance measurement per EN 61557-4 / VDE 0413 part 4.
Voltage testing and measurement up to 1000 V

Analog Insulation Meter.

Model  Description 
METRISO G1000A  Insulation resistance analog tester. Up to 1000V

Compact and rugged - for service calls under harsh conditions and laboratory use.
Analog display of measured values and limit values.
Intelligent filter - precise and measurement-dependent activation for the measurement of very high resistances:
- beating, i. e. compensation of 16 2/3 Hz and 50 Hz interference
- attenuation of capacitive influences from power cables, etc.
- suppression of electric field influences.
Signalling of dangerous contact voltage by means of LED.
Indication of limit value violations by means of LED.
Overvoltage protection - protects the instrument in the event of inadvertent connection to mains power.
Fuse link for all resistance measuring ranges.
New: Electronic fuse for protection of the low-resistance measurement RLO also protects the fuse link in the low-resistance measuring range in the event of faulty operation.
One measuring point self-test with test resistance of 10 MΩ per EN 50110 / VDE 0105-100.
Guard terminal for compensating surface current

The insulation measuring instruments are suitable for the following tasks:
Measurement of insulation resistance at voltage-free devices and systems, up to 1000 V.
Checking of test objects for absence of voltage in systems with up to 1 kV.
Testing of the resistance of earthing conductors, protective conductors and equipotential bonding.
Testing of electrostatic discharge capacity at floor coverings
(using shielded measurement cables) - EN 1081.
With the help of the so-called 1 mA test per DIN VDE 0845/ EN 61645, testing for the triggering of
performance category B and C / SPD type 2 and 3 surge protection devices (varistors,
reference diodes etc.) can be executed with this measuring instrument, on-site as well,
and evaluated in accordance with the manufacturer’s data.

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