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METRAHit 30M True RMS Multimeter Data Logger.
METRAHit 30M 6½ place, precision TRMS recording laboratory multimeter, temperature measuring instrument and data logger for demanding, universal applications in laboratory and service.
The METRAHit 30M multimeter is a high performance, precision measuring instrument for R&D labs,
industrial applications, universities, government authorities, testing stations, manufacturing and QA.
With a display range of 1,200,000, as well as exceptional accuracy and long-term stability, it fulfills all of the
demands of calibration and R&D labs. Battery operation allows for mobile use of the instrument for demanding maintenance work and calibration tasks. An optional mains power pack can be utilized for
stationary, long-term operation.

Multimeter Data Logger

Model  Description 
METRAHIT 30M  Precision-Digital-Multimeter including lead set KS, battery

Display: +/- 1 200 000 digits.
Inherent deviation: +/-(35 ppm of reading + 70 ppm).
Measuring functions: 120mV-600VDC and TRMSAC+DC, bandwidth 16Hz-100kHz,
120uA-120mA, 120Ohm-12MOhm, Hz, °C/°F (Pt100, Pt1000, J, K) MIN-MAX recording,
Automatic range selection and battery cutoff.
Heavy-duty fuses with 1000 V nominal voltage.
Integrated, 128 kB measurement data memory, 0.1 s to 10 min. sampling period.
IR data interface.
Protective rubber holster.

TRMS Measurement for Distorted Waveshapes.
The utilized measuring method allows for TRMS measurements for up to 100 kHz at crest factors of up to 10, independent of the waveshape.
Sampling Rate.
The sampling rate determines the interval at which the respective measurement value is saved to memory. Depending upon measured quantity and resolution, the interval can be set within a
range of 0.01 s to 60 s.
Automatic and Manual Measuring Range Selection.
The desired measured quantity is selected with the rotary switch. The measuring range is automatically adapted to the measured quantity. The measuring range can also be selected manually.
Averaging Filter.
A digital filter (1/2/4/8/16 measurement values) is used to smooth noisy measurement signals.
Storing MIN-MAX Values to Memory.
In addition to displaying the current measurement value, the minimum or maximum value can be continuously updated and stored to memory at the selected sampling rate.
Continuity Testing.
Continuity testing allows for the detection of short-circuits and interruptions. An acoustic signal can be generated in addition to a visual display.
Overload Protection
The instrument is protected against overloading in all measuring functions. All current measuring ranges are equipped with a self resetting, electronic fuse.
Battery Saver Circuit.
The instrument is shut down automatically if the measurement value remains unchanged for approximately 10 minutes, and if none of the operating elements have been activated during this time. Automatic shut-down can be disabled.
Protective Cover for Rugged Use.
A soft rubber cover with tilting stand protects the instrument from damage due to impacts or drops.
The rubber material provides the instrument with a secure stance, even if it has been set up on a vibrating surface.
Memory Mode.
The METRAHit 30M multimeter is equipped with a 128 kB measurement value memory with backup battery. The memory can be laid out in 1 to 15 blocks. New values can be written to memory, even after completion of a given measurement without loss of data, until the maximum capacity of 30,000 measurement value has been used up.
The data can be stored to intermediate memory, or uploaded directly to a PC.
The system records measurement values in relative time. Use as a real-time data logger is not possible. Depending upon the measured quantity, the interval can be set in steps of 10 ms, 100 ms, 1 s, 10 s and 60 s. Individual measurement values can also be saved to memory by pressing a key.
The contents of the memory can be read out with the help of METRAwin10/METRAHit analysis software and a PC which has been connected to the multimeter via the METRAHitBD232 IR adapter.
Infrared Measurement Data Transmission.
The measuring instrument includes a serial, duplex data interface for remote control and transmission of data via infrared light.

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